York Minster

An Introduction To The City Of York, North Yorkshire

York, which is often prefaced by “the historic city of”, is the 31st largest city in the UK. Everywhere you go in its warren of streets and snickelways there is a story to be told – and some of them are quite spooky as York is reputably the most haunted city in Europe.

Having been the stronghold of both the Romans and the Vikings (most famously revisited in the Jorvik Viking Centre), York was finally given its independence when King John granted its Royal Charter in 1212.

York’s history shines through at every corner from the quaint Shambles to the impressive York Minster which dominates the skyline, all of which are surrounded by the walls which extend some 2.5 miles. Home of the Archbishop of York, the second highest position in the Church of England, the city’s religious significance is obvious and 20 parish churches can be found within its boundaries (a total that is second only to Norwich throughout England).

Chocolate too plays a sweet part in the make-up of the city, with Rowntree’s and Terry’s both being associated with the area. The industry and its York heritage is celebrated at York’s Chocolate Story.

York – A City Of Culture And Good Food

Modern York balances the requirements and trappings of a 21st century city whilst being true to its heritage. This is a relatively small city but features great cultural offerings from theatre (York Theatre Royal, York Grand Opera House and Riding Lights Theatre Company to name but 3) to world class museums including York Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum and the National Railway Museum.

Foodies are well catered for too. With a vast array of cuisines and restaurant types, from the major chains to independent restaurants that may be small in size but big on quality, everyone will be well fed. If ale is your thing then there are a number of small breweries, some of which offer tours.

York’s small size when compared to the likes of Manchester and Leeds means that there is a strong sense of community and a true local spirit. A warm North Yorkshire welcome is guaranteed for visitors to the city who fill the hotels and guest houses.

Should you wish to venture out of the city, the larger metropolis of Leeds, stunning countryside and the east coast are all within an hour’s drive. But when York has so much to offer why go anywhere else?