York Festival Of Ideas

Mystery Plays Seminar – Limited Places

Dr Cristina Figueredo is holding an informal seminar – 16 places only – which will be of interest to those who have taken part in the York Mystery Plays or who want to learn more about the productions.

Many people from different backgrounds have taken part in previous productions of the York Mystery Plays, as directors, producers, actors, etc. This wealth of experience was evident in a recent course at the University of York Centre for Lifelong Learning.

This seminar, a part of York Festival of Ideas, aims to gather together many of those who have contributed to the York Mystery Plays in different roles, in order to discuss their expectations as regards the coming Minster Mystery Plays 2016.

The seminar is also open to all who have not taken part but would like to know more about the Plays and take advantage of this first-hand knowledge.

The format will be an informal discussion led by the tutor’s questions.

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