York Mystery Plays 2012 - Photo: Kippa Matthews

York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust – About Us

The York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust was formed following the York Mystery Plays 2012, a stunning production which built on the successes of the Guilds’ waggon plays. The scale of the show, plus its return to the grounds of St Mary’s Abbey in York Museum Gardens, helped bring new audiences to York, increased media awareness and generated a fantastic sense of community spirit and pride.
The York Mystery Plays have been performed by, and for, the local community since the 14th century and it is clear that the Mystery Plays are still extremely important to York and the people who live here and that they should be continued on a regular cycle – presented both on waggons and in stage productions.

So What’s The YMPST All About?

The York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust, formed in 2012, supports regular stagings of the Plays and aims to increase awareness and understanding of their importance as part of York’s heritage. Since its formation in 2012, the Trust has:

  • Developed a website bringing together all the main sources of information about the Plays and their history;
  • Produced regular newsletters – read across the globe;
  • Represented the Plays at conferences and seminars;
  • Raised funds to support performances of the plays;
  • Organised trips to performances of Plays in other cities;
  • Worked with the University of York to develop courses and public lectures;
  • Sponsored the production of a waggon play by members in the 2014 cycle of Waggon Plays;
  • Supported York Minster with the community launch of the 2016 production.

As we look forward to a further production of the Waggon Plays and to another large scale community performance, we ask you to join us in maintaining the public profile of the Plays and ensuring that regular stagings continue.

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YMPST Key Documents & Info

It is important that the Trust is as transparent and as inclusive as possible . Key documents will be posted here for all to read but if you want more info please contact any of the YMPST committee.

Head to the YMPST Membership page to see how you can join us.

AGM Documents

Where next for the Supporters Trust (powerpoint) | Income and expenditure to 31 March 2015

AGM Minutes 30th November 2016 | YMPST Chair’s report 2016 | Summary Accounts April 15 – March 16

Conversion from a Charitable Association to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation vote – May 2017

Voting form | YMPST constitution 2017 v2 draft final | YMPST summary of 2017 draft constitution