York Mystery Plays and the YMPST

Keeping the story alive

Supporting and maintaining the community tradition of the Mystery Plays in the city of York.

The History of
York Mystery Plays

York Mystery Plays archive 1976

The York Mystery Plays are a cycle of 48 pageants (individual plays) covering biblical events from Creation to the Last Judgement.  Other Mystery Play cycles exist but York stands out as having the most complete.

Recent York Mystery
Plays Productions

We brought forth The Baptism play in Holy Trinity in 2023 as part of the Goodramgate festival. It even featured in Great Railway Journeys. Later in 2023 we again produced A Nativity for York in the Spurriergate Centre.

In 2024 we’ve helped three new directors put on A Creation for York, and we’re looking forward to A Nativity for York at Christmas 2024.

YMPST Mystery
Plays Productions

York Mystery Plays Waggons 2018 - The Harrowing Of Hell

We staged our first wagon in 2014 (directed by Simon Tompsett) and have put on wagons again in 2018 and 2022. We also regularly produce A Nativity for York, taking a different approach every time in 2019, 2022 and later in 2024. Finally we have produced other performances in and around York, including a Creation, a Baptism and a Resurrection. See the YMPST Productions page for details including videos of many of the performances.

Dates for your diary


We have a lot still coming this year including another sale at St Crux in August and A Nativity for York in December. Keep track of all the relevant dates here:

Dates for your diary

The York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust

YMPST was set up after the 2012 York Mystery Plays in Museum Gardens. We are a charitable incorporated organisation which exists to advance the education of the public in the medieval Mystery Plays of York.


York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust raising funds at St Crux

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York Mystery Plays Waggons 2018 - The Harrowing Of Hell

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York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust raising funds at St Crux

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