Members are the lifeblood of the Supporters Trust.

The Trust is composed of volunteers only and therefore is reliant upon an active membership to deliver the Trust’s objectives. We aim to become the voice of the Mystery Plays community in the city of York. The more members we have, the more we will be recognised as a serious organisation by those who have the power to keep the Plays running.

It costs just £10 per year to become a member of the Trust.

You can join or renew with a standing order, a bank transfer or cheque (first button) or through PayPal (second button).

Aims of the Trust

This is what the Trust wants to achieve with your help:

To be a voice for the Mystery Plays community of York and to be that catalyst for action on behalf of the community

To strengthen our relationships with our artistic, cultural and educational partners within the city, with a focus on maintaining the ongoing development of the Plays in York

To ensure that the productions of the Mystery Plays represent all ages, genders, abilities, races and beliefs

To ensure accessibility for not only those who want to take part in productions but to those who want to see the plays but are disadvantaged physically or financially

To promote the education of the York Mystery Plays through lectures and seminars, as well as developing materials for teaching in schools

The role our members play

Many members support the Trust by offering their time, money or expertise. Members can engage in the following ways:

  • Assist in organising, running or supporting fundraising activities
  • Assist with publicity and communications
  • Assist in organising and running social and community events
  • Serve on the management committee: contributing to direction, planning and delivery of our activities
  • Participate in productions put on by the Trust e.g. our Waggon Play

The benefits of your membership

  • Proactive involvement in maintaining the tradition of the Mystery Plays and York’s unique cultural heritage
  • A regular newsletter
  • Access to members’ events such as socials, talks and trips to see Mystery Plays performances in other cities
  • 15% discount on 2 tickets to see any York Theatre Royal production- excluding Pantomimes

How to make a donation

You don’t have to be a member to make a donation to support the work of the Trust.

Y donate online in multiples of £5 or in multiples of £10. You can purchase more than one donation type.

Please click here to donate online (please note this will take you to a different website) or alternatively, you can send a cheque, made payable to York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust to:

York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust, York Theatre Royal, St Leonard’s Place, York YO1 7HD

Boost your donation with Gift Aid 

If you pay Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the UK, the Trust may be able to reclaim an extra 25p from the Government for every £1 you donate. Please click here to download a Gift Aid Declaration form.


Maurice Crichton: ‘These extraordinary community plays need community makers and players to carry them forward. YMPST is doing very important work in holding a community of supporters together between major productions. As the Trust grows in strength, influence and resources, the future for the plays gets brighter.

Margaret Scott (Mystery Plays archive): ‘I love the Mystery Plays because they connect me with the medieval citizens of York. York is full of history and is still a brilliant city to live in. The Plays also connect me with modern residents who enjoy performing – great to watch, though I am no actor myself! The Mystery Plays Supporters Trust are an enthusiastic yet very organised bunch of people who are happy to befriend a non-actor, because we all share the desire to keep the Plays going in their home city.’

Marie Taylor: ‘I joined the Mystery Plays Supporters as I felt that someone at least from backstage should be represented. I find the Trust interesting and the meetings lively and informative. I am looking forward to the proposals for closer relationships with the other groups concerned with the community plays and hope this will bring closer cooperation and communication so that people who have taken part in previous productions are able to be a part of any future productions at the earliest possible opportunity.’

Sarah Lowes: ‘I was a student at York University from 1998-2002. During that time, I had the privilege of being cast in the York Millennium Mystery Plays in 2000 as one of the Mothers at the Massacre of the Innocent. I loved every moment of that production, from the first rehearsal to the last performance: not just because of the size and scale of it all, but because it embedded me into the community of York, something you can easily stay on the periphery of as a student.The Mystery Plays have been bringing the people of York together for centuries and not just by the re-telling of bible stories on the wagons, in the Minster or in the Museum Gardens. It is also by the sharing of our own stories, amongst cast and crew, about how we came to be in York and what brought us to take part in the Plays. You make connections through the shared experience, and the shared storytelling, that last a lifetime. I have not lived in York for 15 years, but the Plays, and the friendships I made during that period, keep me coming back. In a political age where the world seems to becoming more divisive, The Mystery Plays have an important role in building and strengthening cross-community relationships that can bridge any divide. I believe the York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust is vital to keeping the tradition going and ensuring as many people as possible have the opportunity to experience that sense of community, whether as a performer or a spectator.’

Alex Hughes (Founding Chair of the Trust): ‘I have been a member of YMPST since it launched (and was its founding Chair!) as I believe it is really important that the plays have a voice of their own from the people. I love the fact that the Trust is able to work with all parties across the city of York to encourage their delivery, and support the different productions that take place.’

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